What is the bark of the cork oak and where can it be used?

Cork bark is natural, sustainable, environmentally and ecologically friendly renewable resource. Raw cork is a solid and virgin material taken straight from a cork tree. Noble and raw, untouched by the industry. The highest value of cork oak is its bark, which has found great use in many areas.

What is it?

There is no other material, either natural or man-made, with all the characteristics that are unique to raw cork lightweight, rot resistant, non-toxic, good compression and expansion, fire resistant, impermeable, soft and buoyant. Besides these remarkable qualities, cork bark is also a sustainable, renewable, and environmentally friendly natural resource. Cork bark is “stripped” off the cork oak trees at appropriate intervals without damage to the trees and allows new bark to grow in its place so there is no harm to nature, no trees are cut or destroyed, no disturbance of flora and fauna and yet a whole industry flourishes from this unique raw material. Cork bark can be collected from a single tree regularly — every 9 to 12 years and up to 12 times in total.

Where can it be used?

Natural and solid cork boards made of raw bark of cork oak are original, design and 100% natural and ecological product. Like all cork boards, these also in addition to their decorative qualities, additionally improve the acoustics and increase thermal insulation, which increases the comfort of use of the room. Ideally suited as an unusual decoration in the home, office, restaurant and shop as well as equipment for terrariums and aquariums. Cork slabs are ideally suited for rooms exposed to noise and dirt, like rooms, corridors or vestibules. The wall plug is light and practical, you can also use it as a cork board, attach posters and photos to it or attach pictures. Cork bark is an excellent decorative element for the terrarium or aquarium. It will provide a hiding place for small residents, such as reptiles, amphibians or fish, and will make you feel like in your natural environment. It is resistant to water, comfortable and easy to cut, and at the same time completely safe, so you do not have to worry about the health of your little friends.

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