Cork adhesives

In our offer you will find two types of cork adhesives, contact and water. Basically you can use a wall cork glue for gluing cork on floors, walls as well as ceilings or PVC tiles. With water glue raw floor coverings and tiles can be glued with cork (also under underfloor heating). In general cork adhesives are also used for the bonding of unlaminated and unpainted cork wall coverings. So you can use adhesive for example for plates, sheets or rolls. Accordingly we recommend adjusting the amount of adhesive to the surface you are going to cover.


– glued surfaces must be clean, dry and free from dust.
– apply to both surfaces glued with an even, thin layer with a brush, paying particular attention to the corners of the glued surfaces.
– you can join surfaces after the glue has dried partially in about 5 minutes, when it does not stretch and does not dirty the hands.
– surfaces press with a roller or a hand.
– you shouldn’t move glued elements within 24 hours
– complete drying takes place after 48 hours
– when gluing cork tiles, pay special attention to accuracy
– the adhesive catches immediately and it is impossible to move the tile
– stick only in ventilated rooms.
– remove any adhesive contamination with extraction gasoline.

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