Yoga cork

The yoga cork consists of highly compressed cork agglomerate. Due to the density and the corresponding production technology cork products are characterized by a very high durability and stability. These natural, warming and ecological products provide safety and comfort during exercise. The most popular cork products needed to practice yoga are: dice, mats, pillows, wedges, quarters.

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Yoga products made of natural cork – types and applications.

Yoga products made of natural cork are becoming more and more popular due to their durability, lightness and ecological nature. Cork bark comes from the cork tree, a tree that grows mainly in Mediterranean regions. Below we present several types of yoga products made of natural cork and their uses:

Cork yoga mats:

Application: Cork yoga mats are an excellent choice for people who are looking for natural, anti-allergic and durable mats. They are absorbent, which helps maintain stability during yoga practice.

Cork yoga blocks:

Uses: Cork blocks are used for support in more difficult yoga poses or as a tool for adjusting height and stability in various asanas.
Cork coasters for cups and bottles:

Uses: Cork placemats are useful for holding cups, water bottles or other utensils during breaks in yoga or meditation practice.
Cork mat bags:

Application: Cork bags are a stylish and durable solution for storing and transporting your yoga mat. They provide protection against dust and moisture.

Cork yoga accessories:

Application: There are many other accessories, such as massage rollers, knee pads and meditation cushions, which are made of natural cork.
Using natural cork yoga products can be beneficial not only for the environment, but also for your health, because cork bark is anti-allergic, easy to clean and provides good grip even during intense yoga practice.

What are the benefits of using cork yoga accessories instead of synthetic ones?

Using cork yoga accessories instead of those made of synthetic materials can bring a number of benefits to both the environment and the practitioner. Here are some benefits of using cork yoga accessories:


Cork products are biodegradable and come from a renewable source, the cork tree. Using cork instead of synthetic materials helps reduce the impact on the environment.


Cork bark is naturally anti-allergic, which means it is friendly to people with skin allergies or asthma. Unlike some synthetic materials, cork rarely causes allergic reactions.

Durability and stability:

Cork products are usually durable and abrasion-resistant, which means they will last for a long time. Mats, blocks and other accessories made of cork are also characterized by good stability, which is important when practicing yoga.

Absorbency and adhesion:

Cork has natural absorbent properties, which means that cork mats absorb moisture, keeping the surface dry during practice. In addition, the cork bark provides good grip, which is important for a safe and focused yoga practice.


Cork products are usually light, which makes them easier to carry and transport. This is important, especially when yoga practitioners regularly attend classes in different places.

Aesthetics and comfort:

Cork products often have a natural and aesthetic appearance, which may be an additional advantage for people who value the beauty of natural materials. Moreover, the cork is soft and pleasant to the touch, which increases comfort during practice.

Therefore, using cork yoga accessories can be an attractive option for those looking for eco-friendly, durable and comfortable products to support their yoga practice.