In our offer you will find various gadgets and accessories made of natural cork. Products like stools, dartboards or cork keyring are not just style. It is elegance and ease of use as well as an environmental protection. Additionally for Christmas, we recommend our cork Christmas decoration. I can be an excellent alternative to plastic ornaments.

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Portugal is one of the largest producers of natural cork in the world, which means that many Portuguese companies specialize in the production of various products from this material. Below you will find examples of natural cork accessories that are often produced in Portugal:

Cork coasters for cups:

Surface protection against scratches and stains from hot and cold drinks.

Cork bags and wallets:

Fashionable and light accessories, perfect for everyday use.

Cork footwear:

Comfortable and ecological shoes, including sandals, flip-flops and ballet flats.

Cork glasses case:

Protect your sunglasses or prescription glasses in a stylish way.

Cork shopping bags:

Ecological bags replacing plastic shopping bags.

Cork cell phone cases:

Protecting your phone from scratches while adding elegance.

Cork trays:

Aesthetic and functional kitchen elements.

Cork world maps and cork boards:

Decorative elements for pinning photos, notes or travel plans.

Cork wallets:

Decorative and light wallets that are a great alternative to leather wallets.

Cork fashion accessories:

Fashionable accessories that may include belts or cork watches.

Cork laptop bags:

Protect your laptop in a stylish and eco-friendly way.