Cork granulate

Cork granulate are made out of meticulously selected seeds of natural cork. Many manufactures use it mainly as intermediate meant to be processed further. Depending on the requirements of the end customer we supply cork granules at a wide range of sizes and densities. That is why we can adjust their features  to meet the needs of the ordering party. A numerous branches of industry use granulated cork  for a wide variety of applications.

Entrepreneurs use cork granules  to make composite cork products for example as a sports field infill or a soil conditioner. Another usage is agglomerated wine corks or cork flooring. Factories also make brake shoes, or clutch plates from cork pellets. Additionaly you can use cork granules for shoe soles or insulation cork blocks and so on. Not to metion that you can purchase unprocessed granulated cork and use it as an insulation filler.

Industry also use granulated cork as a raw material. It can be for example manufacturing cork-based products such as cork rolls or boards. Bussiness owners use it in glass production for insulation. Artist use cork granules in modelling and construction workers as a concrete aggregate. Cork is an incredibly flexible material. Some of the lesser known uses of granulated cork we present below:

  • for clearing up oil spills
  • as a filler and insulator
  • in gardening
  • for creative work

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