Cork rolls

Cork rolls are  ideal material for information cabinets and boards, including for pinning important information.

The cork roll used to makecork boards should have a thickness of 5 mm to 10 mm. That is because of length of standard drawing pin. Such boards made of cork will be very durable and will last for many years.
A rolled cork is also great as a silencing or insulating undercoat for panels, and as a decorative element for walls, helping to soundproof and insulate a room.

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All our rolls are made from middle grain granulated pellets, ISO certified, so they can be used for a wide range of purposes. The information provided for each product includes its price, name of the model, the length. Should you have any questions, use online chat or e-mail us – our experienced staff will respond as soon as possible.

Cork rolls are created in the process of combining ecological aggregate with equally natural binder. The resulting product has different thicknesses, which definitely expands range of its applications. Cork is also a flexible and durable material, which won't crumble so quickly. It should be glued to the wall with a special glue for cork. You will also get cork adhesive in our store.

It can be used for instance to silencing or insulating undercoat for panels warm and stain resistant cork pad and as a cork floor mat in the children's room. Similary it is ideal for allergy sufferers.

Cork rolls is an interesting and unique material obtained from cork oaks, in a fully ecological way.

Properties of cork

Cork is known for its insulating and acoustics properties. Cork rolls are manufactured from natural cork grains and therefore maintain most of the same characteristics attributed to cork in its natural state. A cork roll can serve as a protective pad. It is also a good material for crafts and numerous hobbies that require the use of this soft and cushioning material. Some people like to use cork rolls for walls as pinboards, where they can keep their „to-do” lists, photos, pictures, etc.  A properly used cork roll is a great way to improve the design of a house, making it just unique.

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