Cork fabric

Cork fabric is environmentally friendly and thus ECO – correct. It is similar to leather in handling. Cork is lightweight, waterproof and stain resistant. It is a top quality product that is highly appreciated and praised all over the world. It is used for the production of bags, purses, belts, shoes, umbrellas, but also in furniture production (e.g. for armchairs or couches).

Ecological cork-based products are highly durable. What is more, they show resistance to moisture and liquid penetration. Material is very stylish and worth recommending.

The innovative properties of cork fabric are unique and original. It is soft to the touch and pleasant to the view, durable as leather, versatile as fabric. This natural material is easy to maintain, durable, waterproof and stain resistant. It is dust, dirt, and grease repellent. Product is available in a wide range of natural textures, patterns, and designs. Depending on the final purpose, it goes with various backing materials.

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