Cosy flat thanks to the use of a cork

Cosy flat thanks to the use of a cork

Cosy flat thanks to the use of a cork. When planning an apartment renovation or building a house, we think about choosing materials for interior decoration.

Many investors or architects are looking for original products that enable the creation of individual spaces while meeting high technical requirements. In this case, it is worth considering the use of cork, a natural material extracted from the cork bark.

Cork floor

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The cork floor is calm and warm. When decorating the bedroom, we wonder what materials should be used to give the interior a unique charm while providing comfort and convenience.

The ideal solution is wall and floor corks with many amazing properties. When we get up from a warm bed in the morning, we dream of putting your feet on a delicate, pleasant and soft surface. Therefore, when choosing a floor for our bedroom, we should think about using a cork, which is a warm, soft and extremely durable material.

Cork floors offer enormous comfort. Thanks to its remarkable resistance, it absorbs the pressure of the foot pressure on the ground, thus muffling the sound of footsteps. Cork surfaces are easy to keep clean. For daily care all you need is water with a mild detergent. This saves us time and money on paving and polishing floors.

Wall decorations

Cosy flat thanks to the use of a cork

Cosy flat thanks to the use of a cork. The wall cork is offered in 3 mm thick tiles for direct gluing to the wall surface. You will definitely find decorative rolls with cork for laying like wallpaper less often. The number of designs available is fewer compared to cork floors. The offer is dominated by traditional patterns with a natural brown color.

However, there are no contraindications to sticking a floor tile on the wall if you like it. The cork on the wall brings a cozy atmosphere into the interior, improves the acoustics of the interior and offers practical protection of the surface in highly frequented places such as corridors or vestibules. It is easy to keep clean, it is enough to periodically wipe it with a damp cloth and store it with a wax paste.

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