Cork sheets

If you are looking for cork sheets, you are probably thinking of getting cork flooring or a cork board. You may also be considering applying a unique design in your house with a cork sheet. Or maybe you just want to use it in your restaurant? And to have eco-friendly coasters, which will last for a long time? Well, you can choose to use cork sheets in various ways…

The cork has the ability to suppress air sounds in the range from 400 to even 4000 Hz. This makes it an ideal acoustic isolator. What’s more, products of cork origin like wall cork or cork underlay also damp vibrations, effectively cushioning them. Thanks to this, all vibrations are perfectly suppressed and the room becomes more comfortable. You can also use the vibration isolation properties of cork in the engineering industry to protect devices against vibration arising during their operation. Architects and interior decanters often use cork boards for finishing and decorating walls. Sheets are available in the form of various types.

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