Expansion joints

They are made of thoroughly chosen cork pellets whose granulation ranges from 0.1 to 2 mm. Expansion joints cork strips are used mainly in order to connect two different surfaces. It can be for example a wooden floor and tiles. Two materials combined together, for example: wood with ceramic tiles, stone with panels, or tiles with panels, require the expansion joint and filling it with a material resistant to compression and stretching. The floors working with each other, due to changes in temperature and humidity, may slightly decrease or increase their linear dimensions. Cork strips are a good solution to reduce the stress between the floor surfaces. Thanks to expansion joints cork strips, the occurrence of notable damages is remarkably decreased. Moreover the connected surfaces are additionally protected.

The distinctive features of the expansion joints cork strips:

  • they are natural and eco-friendly,
  • elasticity,
  • they are easy to install,
  • they are resistant to crushing;

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