Cork boards

Have you ever felt the need to write down some important information? Did that information get lost in the mess? Well, a cork board is a great solution to these kinds of issues. It is easy to install and a great place to put on it all the notes and other things like photos. You should just get a handful of pins.

The natural way of cork board

The cork board is the most natural and eco-friendly board you can ever get since the cork itself is a material coming from the bark of a cork oak tree. Forget about all those whiteboards which require you to write with markers on them – use the cork board that will never get damaged and the pins that will never expire or run out just because you’re using them. Moreover, everybody will fall in love with your photos, should you pin them to your own cork board.

Which board to choose?

Do you want a bigger one or a little one? It probably depends on the quantity and quality of space you want to use up. If you want to cover all of the wall with a cork board, consider getting a cork roll – it has the same properties and acts like a board, while being a cool wall cover.

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