Cork Sheet 12 mm- fine-grained

22,00 £ per sheet

Cork sheet 12mm(0,048″) x 915(3ft = 36.02355″)x610(2ft = 24″)


Board dimensions: 915 x 610 x 12 mm,

Granule size: 0.5-1 mm,

Thermal conductivity coefficient: 0.047 W/mK,

Density: 250 – 260 kg/m3,

Water absorption: 2-4%.


Cork Sheet 12 mm- fine-grained

An ecological cork sheet 12mm straight from Portugal is considered a luxury interior decoration. Moreover it is an irreplaceable insulation material. Cork products are made of cork granulate combined with a natural binder. Natural cork is a leader among materials with similar applications. Cork boards are one of the representatives of the wide range of panels available. All boards offered by our company are made of high quality light cork.


– construction industry (acoustic and thermal insulation installed under the floor)
– wall and floor decoration
– anti-vibration insulation of machines, devices, buildings, living rooms,
– expansion joints
– footwear industry (production of soles and shoe platforms, production of heels, insoles and orthopedic footwear components)
– advertising and decoration-oriented industries (mats, handles, cork accessories)
– cork information boards
– advertising gadgets
– as well as: fishing (rod holders),
– furniture industry (liners and veneers),
– automotive industry (cork pads, spacers and cork clutch linings)
– modeling (e.g. for the construction of a realistic railway track),
– elements of musical instruments
– parts of electromechanical device
dioramas (three-dimensional full-size or miniature model sometimes enclosed in a glass case)
– elements of toys and many others.

Advantages of the offered cork:

– lightness
– high flexibility
– extraordinary durability and resistance to mechanical damage
– noteworthy thermal insulation
– crushing resistance
– water and moisture resistance
– satisfactory dissipation and noise attenuation
– longevity and resistance to many hazardous substances
– resistance to the harmful effects of microorganisms, fungi and mold
– easy processing
– low water absorption
– particularly high friction coefficient
– anti-static and anti-allergic
– effective insulation preventing excessive emissions and suppressing the negative impact of water veins
– flame retardancy
– pleasant to touch surface

Cork boards – products of versatile use

Fine, medium and coarse cork boards have many applications. In addition they work great, among others as a base under the floor or as thermal and sound insulation of walls. The technical cork in the form of boards is also great as wall decoration. You can also use this product for processing (e.g. during engraving or punching). Similar use are mats and cork boards. Factories make it, among others footwear accessories (e.g. insoles), cork plugs, cork mats. marketing gadgets or various types of cork gaskets and washers. From the plates and sheets of various thickness there are  resulting post -production products. All applications cannot be even mentioned. Therefore, it can be safely said that the acoustic cork can find itself in any situation.

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