Original arrangements of the flat — wall cork

Original arrangements of the flat — wall cork

Original arrangements of the flat — wall cork. Cork is a very durable material. It has antistatic properties; H. It does not attract or absorb dust, which is why it is recommended for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

It’s also easy to clean. It’s always nice to touch. It does not allow or absorb heat, so it can be used successfully to insulate rooms. Nature shows again its limitless possibilities.

A warm touch of nature – the easiest way to describe the impression of a wall covered with cork. Its organic structure reminds us of where this unusual material comes from. It is the bark of the cork oak, the groves of which are an inseparable part of the Portuguese landscape. Majestic trees green against the blue sky – this view is impressive and unforgettable.

A touch of nature

Original arrangements of the flat — wall cork

The bark used for wall and floor cladding comes from trees that are at least 25 years old. You don’t have to cut out the oak trees yourself. You can grow freely. There are even an impressive 250 year old specimens.

Cork is a real gift from nature. No other natural material combines so many advantages. The cork insulates thermally and acoustically, absorbs shocks, is elastic, under pressure, but returns to its previous shape after stopping, is antistatic, moisture-resistant. What is important, the plug is preserved without harming the natural environment; This processed cork oak bark was removed from the trunk of a growing tree. It is therefore an ideal material for a comfortable and ecological floor.

Charismatic room decoration

cork wall

Original arrangements of the flat — wall cork. Wall decoration cork is a natural and absolutely charismatic room decoration. This is a unique and practical solution as cork wall coverings improve the microclimate in the interior. It reduces the noise level in the apartment and make the walls warmer.

The decorative stopper on the wall also protects the surface from dirt in places with heavy traffic such as atriums and corridors. The wall cork is as an extremely durable product. You can enjoy your aesthetic and practical values ​​for a long time. Numerous advantages of a wall plug give the personalization of your interior a new, unique meaning! The tiles can be laid in dry rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms or children’s rooms. As well as in damp places such as kitchens, bathrooms or saunas. Cork tiles create a unique decoration of apartments.

Thanks to the abundance of patterns and the coloring techniques used, tiles can be chosen for any type of interior. Cork on the wall is also a practical solution – it improves the microclimate, reduces the noise level, makes us warm and protects the surface from dirt in places with heavy traffic, such as courtyards and corridors. Installation is relatively simple, the cork tiles are glued directly onto the surface of the walls.

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