Mute the room with cork foundations

Noise is the enemy of rest, and if its intensity in the flat exceeds your level of tolerance, life can turn into a real nightmare. The natural properties of the cork make this natural material work well as a sound absorber because its cells act as an acoustic isolator. Cork reduces the transmission of noise, creating a quiet and peaceful environment.

Excellent acoustic insulation

The cork foundation provides thermal and acoustic insulation under panel and wooden floors, cork and laminate. If you put laminated panels on the floor in the flat, mute them using a cork primer instead of regular foam. The cork foundation for panels is an unrivalled product from the premium segment, providing excellent acoustic and thermal insulation for all types of floating floors. It perfectly suppresses impact sounds and airborne sounds that propagate in the room during floor use, which results in a noticeable and satisfying increase in comfort. Effectively compensates for slight imperfections of the ground under the installed surface, increasing its durability and extending its life. The floor is quieter, warmer and much more pleasant.

Permanent product

The insulating undercoat for natural cork panels is a permanent product, so we can guarantee that they will last much longer than the floor. They are produced with the same technology as a standard cork in a roll, combining natural cork aggregate with an ecological binder, but with the difference that in order to improve the insulation parameters, they show a slightly lower density and more porous structure. In the case of gum-base foundations used for final floors, requiring a high-density substrate, a suitable portion of rubber degranulate is added to the cork-aggregate mixture. Cork undercoat is used for all kinds of surfaces, from floating floors, for example popular panels, through parquets and wooden boards, carpet, linoleum, PVC, and on floor cork, natural stone and ceramic tiles. By choosing 100% natural cork products, you contribute to the development of innovative and sustainable solutions, thus helping to protect our natural environment.

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