Mute the room with cork foundations

Mute the room with cork foundations

Mute the room with cork foundations. Noise is the enemy of peace and quiet. If its intensity in the home exceeds your tolerance, life can turn into a real nightmare. Due to the natural properties of the cork, this natural material works well as a sound absorber because its cells act as sound insulators.

Cork reduces the transmission of noise and creates a calm and peaceful environment. There is no other material, neither natural nor man-made, with all the properties that are unique to raw cork. Lightweight, rot-resistant, non-toxic, good compression and expansion, fireproof, impermeable, soft and buoyant. In addition to these remarkable properties, cork bark is also a sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly natural resource.

Excellent sound insulation

cork in bathroom

Cork bark is “stripped” from the cork oaks at appropriate intervals, without damaging the trees. It allows new bark to grow in its place so that nature is not damaged. No trees are felled or destroyed, no flora and fauna are disturbed and nonetheless An entire industry thrives from this unique raw material. Cork bark can be collected from a single tree on a regular basis – every 9 to 12 years and up to 12 times in total.

The insulating primer for natural cork panels is a permanent product. So we can guarantee that it will last much longer than the floor. They are made with the same technology as a standard cork in a roll. Combining natural cork aggregate with an ecological binder, but with the difference that they have a slightly lower density. It has more porous structure to improve the insulation parameters.

Permanent product

Mute the room with cork foundations

Mute the room with cork foundations. In the case of rubber base foundations used for end floors and requiring a high density substrate, an appropriate portion of the rubber degranulate is added to the cork aggregate mixture. Cork primer is used for all types of surfaces, from floating floors. Common panels, over parquet and wooden boards, carpets, linoleum, PVC to cork, natural stone and ceramic tiles are just few of them.

By choosing 100% natural cork products, you are contributing to the development of innovative and sustainable solutions and thus helping to protect our natural environment.

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