Waterproof cork floor for the bathroom

Waterproof cork floor for the bathroom. If you are looking for floors that are resistant to spillage and moisture. For example against the bathroom or laundry, this is a very good idea. Not only are they waterproof, but they’re also extremely easy to arrange. Cork is also quiet, flexible (another benefit when walking), and a completely natural material. The dream bathroom should be beautiful, practical and warm.

Cork interior elements are an extremely original solution that can successfully implement these key assumptions of the ideal design.

Hydro cork

Hydro cork are cork sheets that are covered with a sensitive vinyl film. Manufactured in class T (extremely high abrasion resistance). They do not change their properties under the influence of furniture wheels and at the same time are completely waterproof. Cork has a beautiful property that makes it the perfect floor for the bathroom, where you often go barefoot. It reflects the heat.

It gives a feeling of floor warmth and is an alternative to underfloor heating. Of course, a cork floor does not heat up. The comfort of such a solution, which reflects heat, is incomparably high compared to always cold bathroom tiles

Benefits of cork floors

Waterproof cork floor for the bathroom. The advantage of the cork over commonly used ceramics mainly relates to thermal comfort and convenience. Thanks to the cell structure, the cork is a material with excellent thermal and sound insulation properties. If you go barefoot on the floor made with it, there is no feeling of penetrating cold, as is the case with ceramic floors. The soft surface also absorbs the pressure very well during the steps and has a beneficial effect on muscles and joints. When properly installed, the cork cladding can easily deal with moisture and cold inside, which also makes this possible in a very elegant way.

The most important thing to remember is that when deciding on the cork surface of the bathroom, we should choose the technology that will be used to glue the tiles to the floor. Thanks to this space, their surface will be filled, thus preventing them from getting underwater. Painting the entire finished floor, in turn, protects against moisture between the gaps between the tiles.

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