Cork plug – perfect against moisture

Cork plug – perfect against moisture

Moisture is the bane of many users of apartments and houses. This is undoubtedly a big problem, which is not easy to deal with. Excess moisture, with frequent underheating of rooms or poor ventilation, is conducive to the appearance of mold and fungi dangerous to health. Moisture often appears in newly built buildings that have not dried up sufficiently after construction works. However, in already existing apartments, a frequent reason for the appearance of mold is the poor thermal insulation of the walls. What to do to avoid unwanted dampness and its consequences? Choose a natural cork plug, which thanks to its specific structure, has unusual properties.

Advantages of cork plug

Cork in its composition contains tannins, and does not contain proteins, so it is not susceptible to the harmful effects of moisture and, above all, rotting. Another of its special features is low hygroscopicity – no water vapor absorption. This is a very important advantage that should be taken into consideration when choosing the raw material for our wall or ceiling. Moisture usually settles in poorly insulated places, and they attract dust. With time, mold forms in these places. In the case of a cork such a situation will not happen, thanks to the mentioned hygroscopicity – the lowest among materials used for building walls. In addition, it is an antistatic material – it does not attract dust, which is why it is an ideal antiallergic material. By choosing a cork we are sure that no mold or fungus will appear on its surface.

Very desirable raw material

Cork plug in other countries is a very desirable raw material not only preventing mold or fungi, but also helpful when this problem occurs. After drying the mouldered walls, a wall plug is mounted on them. It is a real, natural obstacle for mycelium. Cork can also isolate the interior of rooms from the harmful effects of substances contained in some building materials. The cork plug, due to its unusual structure and parameters, will be used in many homes and offices, both as a decorative product and as a protection against noise, cold or moisture. A wide range of colors and patterns will allow you to arrange any room, which will surely translate into a natural and ecological design.

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