Cork roll for every occasion

Cork roll for every occasion

Cork roll for every occasion is back in favor! It is used for many purposes, including interior finishing and decoration. Today we will take cork rolls for the wallpaper. How are they made? What is their use? Finally ? how to install a cork in a roll? Find out now!

Cork roll – Basic information

Cork roll for every occasion

Rolled cork is made by combining natural aggregate with an ecological binder . As a result of the precise joining of the material, a product of various thicknesses can be obtained. Instead of bothering to make a cork board yourself, gluing the corks of wine bottles, you can buy a ready-made roll online. This will guarantee you a large and smooth surface without any visible joints.

The cork in a roll is usually sold in sections of specific lengths (e.g. 1 meter, 3 meters, 10 meters) or in the so-called running meter. The best stores offer a varied thickness and degree of granulation of their products. The purchased material can be left in its raw version , without additional finishing, or you can smooth out irregularities with paint, stain or varnish. Due to the fashion for ecological, raw materials, the natural, imperfect structure is now more popular.

Due to its aesthetic appearance, flexible and anti-allergic properties and exceptional durability, cork in a roll has many practical applications.

Technical cork? Application

thin cork roll

Cork roll for every occasion are ideal for pinning important information and making it available to interested people, which explains well why cork in a roll is allocated to cork boards . It is then recommended that it be about as thick as a pushpin (i.e. approx. 10 mm). You can attach photos, printed calendars, plans for the coming weeks and months, notes and other important information to the board prepared in this way. You don’t have to buy a ready-made, framed blackboard? all you need to do is order the cork in a roll of the preferred length and mount it on the wall. Thanks to this, you will get exactly as much space for clipped materials as you need? even from ceiling to floor!

Another very common use is cork in a roll for information display cases . This solution is eagerly used by schools, all state institutions and company offices. Cork backing is extremely durable? because we are sure that it will not crumble too quickly, it is an investment for years to come. In spite of frequent use to affix new announcements, everything should remain in the best order.

How else can we use the cork? The roll can have as many uses as your imagination tells you. It is enough to replace the underlay for the panels (to soundproof or insulate the floor), a fitness mat, a desk pad, taping on furniture fronts, walls or ceilings or various cork decorations.

How to install a cork in a roll?

Our offer includes both self-adhesive cork rolls and products intended for self-sticking. Either way, you must first cut the cork to the format you prefer (e.g. with a wallpaper knife). If the cork is in a roll for self-gluing, use a special, preferably ecological glue. Then put the cork on the wall or other surface and press it precisely, centimeter by centimeter, against the ground. Be warned – glue sets quickly! Need someone to help? with two people you will go faster and easier.

Cork rollers do not require special maintenance or care? the glue is kept for a very long time, and the use of a ready-made display case or cork board is a pleasure!

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