Cork roll for every occasion

Cork roll for every occasion

Cork roll is the most acknowledged and desirable technical material from a natural Portuguese cork. It is created in a multi-stage process of combining a natural cork aggregate with an ecological binder. Cork roll is a versatile material that finds many applications, including as a large cork board, thermal and acoustic insulation of walls and floors. A cork roll can serve as a protective pad. It is also a good material for crafts or numerous hobbies that require the use of this soft and cushioned material.

Universal material

Cork rolls are completely universal, you can use them as a cork board at home, office or school, but they will also work as building insulation or wall silencing. They are also used as a material for gaskets, in the production of advertising gadgets and as a high quality cork foundation for panels or lining. The unique properties of cork rollers are also appreciated in modeling when building architectural or railway mock-ups and as cork pads and mats for yoga or fitness. Medium grain cork role is ideal for making all kinds of surfaces for pinning information, adverts, newsletters, etc. High flexibility, great aesthetics and high resistance to chipping make the medium grain cork used as cork information boards, filling display cases and advertising screens .

Dependent on thickness

You can easily and firmly attach business documents in the office to your cork or photos from your holiday at home. In this case you need a 5-10 mm thick cork roll. Cork roll on the wall with a thickness of 2 to 4 mm will fulfill its task, when you already have a soft foundation on which you want to stick a decorative layer of cork. As a substrate for such a thin cork roll, you can use a soft porous felt, styrofoam or cardboard. However, if you care about the thickness more than in the cork format, then select medium-grain cork roll over 10 mm thick. Such a thick cork roll can be glued directly to a wall or other substrate or used to make cork divisions between desks, which will serve as a dampening of the workplace and as a practical and easily accessible large cork board.

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