Fashionable and original cork accessories

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Do you know that fashionable and original cork accessories in the house are original and beautiful? There are also environmentally friendly ones made from cork oak or Quercus suber. If you want, you can change your home by 180 degrees with fashionable cork accessories. Natural cork is not only a versatile insulating material and an excellent cover for walls and floors.

Alternative to the traditional wall

Fashionable and original cork accessories

Cork rolls are completely universal. You can use it as a sheet of cork at home, in the office, or at school. However, they also serve as building insulation or wall damping. They are also used as a material for seals, in the manufacture of advertising equipment. They are serve as a high-quality cork base for panels or linings.

The unique properties of cork rollers are also valued when modeling in the construction of architectural or railway models. Also they are used as cork pillows and mats for yoga or fitness. The medium-grain cork roll is ideal for the production of all types of surfaces for pinning information, advertisements, newsletters, etc. Due to its high flexibility, high aesthetics and high resistance to chipping, the medium-grain cork is used as a cork notice board, display case and advertising screen.

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Fashionable and original cork accessories

Fashionable and original cork accessories. You can easily and securely attach business documents to your cork in the office or photos from your vacation at home. In this case you will need a cork roll 5-10 mm thick. Cork rolls on the wall 2-4 mm thick will do their job if you already have a soft foundation on which you want to glue a decorative layer of cork.

As a substrate for such a thin cork roll, you can use a soft porous felt, styrofoam or cardboard. However, if you are more concerned with thickness than the cork format, choose a medium grain cork. Best roll is more than 10mm thick. Such a thick roll of cork can be glued directly to a wall or other substrate or used to make cork subdivisions between desks that act as cushioning for the workplace and as a practical and easily accessible large sheet of cork.

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