Cork in the kitchen – practical cork pads

Cork material is renewable and made from the bark of the cork oak. This natural product can be stripped of tree’s bark several times. Nowaday it becomes to be a stylish and popular choice in our kitchen. Colors, patterns and features found in each individual piece of cork are going to be unique and one of a kind.

Practical at home

Cork is natural material used very often in our houses. Somebody can think that it is old fashioned or outdated. It is not true! Cork is very practical in every house, because is water-resistant and lightweight. Cork pads are using for hot or cold drink to protect tables in the kitchen. They can be produced in any size and shape. Cork underlay has thermal properties and no specific smell. It makes great for kitchen gadgets or wine stoppers – it will not change the taste of anything. Moreover cork pad has silencing value. Adhesive cork can be used as a cork pad, under a chair or a table, preventing it from causing any permanent damage to the floor.

New trends

You can make original and lovely coasters of cork underlay. It is very simple and cheap. Cork pads can be beautiful accessories on a table, if you are willing to spend some time making them look beautiful. They will protect your furniture against moisture and stains. Beyond that personalized cork pads can be perfect gift for christmas or birthday. It depends on our imagination and time. You can find wonderful designs in the shop or make it yourself. 

How to clean?

Cork is naturally resistant to water, heat, and mold.This material is easy to clean but remember to limit direct sunlight to avoid fading. Spills should wipe up immediately. You should regulary wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Cork mats shoul be cleaned carefully after each use. You can remove difficult marks from cork mats using sandpaper.Always dry cork mats thoroughly before placing into storage. Cork underlay are very popular table setting features, usually as placemats and coasters. That is why you should know what to do if the cork becomes dirty.

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