Granulated cork Properties and uses

Granulated cork. Properties and uses

Granulated cork Properties and uses. Have you ever heard of granulated cork? If not, then you should definitely learn something about them – it’s another wonderful offspring of a cork. It appears that granules can be made from the bark of a cork oak. What do cork granules do?

First, they can be made in all possible sizes and densities, which means that they can either be very large or very small. It makes them pretty universal and means they can be used in many situations.

Creating art with cork

Granulated cork. Properties and uses

Are you a painter or an art teacher? Consider using granulated cork as an interesting addition to your students’ artwork. The cork itself is very cheap and can be granulated by yourself, which can be an interesting and fun exercise for the kids.

After receiving granulated cork, you can ask students to use it as a texture or to create special effects on their painting or other artwork. This can lead to an interesting effect and improve creativity. Not to mention the fun you will have during the class.

Insulating cork

raw cork bark

Granulated cork Properties and uses. Cork in its granulated form is a great filler. For example, if you need to wrap something, you can fill the rest of the packaging with granulated cork to ensure the contents don’t break or get damaged.

On the other hand, it is of course not a suitable filler for every type of packaging and you should make sure the recipient knows about the filler so that all of the granules are not accidentally spilled on it. Though it would surely be a funny joke now that I think of it. Maybe it’s a little Halloween prank idea?

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