Natural and healthy – excercise yoga with cork

Natural and healthy – excercise yoga with cork

Now, you may wonder, what is the connection between yoga and cork? Isn’t one of them sport, and second one a material? What do you even make of this? Well, here’s a solution – you can exercise yoga on a cork-made material – be it cork flooring or cork underlay. Why would you do it though? There are several pretty good reasons for doing your daily yoga on such a flooring

The softness of the floor

First of all, a cork underlay or a cork floor will be really soft. It is helpful, should you make a mistake in your yoga pose and fall on the floor. A cork flooring will lessen the painful impact of the fall and will not get permanently damaged. It will always bounce back, providing once again a good platform for your daily yoga exercise. Better not to take a risk with a traditional hard flooring that will make you break your leg or hurt a knee. Of course, you could always buy a gymnastics mat, but having a whole flooring in cork will be more comfortable – you will not be limited by mat’s range – and additionally it’s not that expensive. It’s actually one of the cheapest floorings available on the market.

Natural and healthy – excercise yoga with cork
Natural and healthy – excercise yoga with cork

The silencing attributes

Now, another thing about a cork flooring or cork rolls that is profitable for your exercise is that the cork material has pretty good silencing attributes. When laid on the floor or put on the wall, it will silence out all the noise, which will give you a space for some quiet and lonely meditation. No random noise will bother you and no shouting will prevent you from calmly executing your yoga pose. Isn’t that just great? That’s why cork adhesives or cork walls are used in a school classroom or a recording studio. As you can imagine, in these places there would be a lot of noise that is silenced out by cork.

The thermal properties

Is there more about this cork material, you will ask? Actually, yes. It might be a little bit unbelievable, but it has a lot of good properties. Except being soft and silencing out, it keeps the heat in the room, making it pretty warm and saving your money that you would normally spend on electrical heating. You may wonder why would you need a warm room for exercising. Isn’t it actually supposed to be cold, since you get warm during yoga? Well, yes, but consider that – if you are going to sweat more, you are going to lose more calories and the training is going to be more effective with less effort. And it’s no good for a body to get a thermal shock, if you are going to get warm in a very cold room.

So, as you can see, cork actually has a lot of profits for yoga exercises…

Natural and healthy – excercise yoga with cork

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