Natural and healthy – excercise yoga with cork

Natural and healthy – excercise yoga with cork

Natural and healthy – excercise yoga with cork. Now you may be wondering what is the connection between yoga and cork? Isn’t one of them a sport and the second a material? What do you think of that anyway? Here’s a solution: You can practice yoga on a material made from cork – be it a cork floor or a cork pad. Why would you do it anyway There are several good reasons to do your daily yoga on such a floor

The softness of the floor

Natural and healthy – excercise yoga with cork

First of all, a cork mat or floor is very soft. It helps when you make a mistake in your yoga pose and fall on the floor. A cork floor will reduce the painful effects of the fall and will not be permanently damaged. It will keep bouncing back and again provides a good platform for your daily yoga practice. Better not take the risk of breaking your leg or injuring a knee on a traditional hard floor. Of course, you can always buy an exercise mat, but an entire floor made of cork is more comfortable – you won’t be limited by the range of the mat – and besides, it’s not that expensive. It is actually one of the cheapest floor coverings out there.

The muting attributes

Natural and healthy – excercise yoga with cork

Another thing about a cork floor or cork rolls that is profitable for your exercise is that the cork material has pretty good soundproofing properties. When placed on the floor or against the wall, it will suppress all noise, giving you space for quiet and solitary meditation. No random sound will bother you and no screaming will prevent you from performing your yoga pose calmly. Isn’t that just great? That is why cork adhesives or cork walls are used in a classroom or recording studio. As you can imagine, there is a lot of noise in these places that is silenced by cork.

The thermal properties

Natural and healthy – excercise yoga with cork. Is there more about this cork material you might ask? Actually yes. It may be a bit unbelievable, but it has a lot of good properties. Aside from being soft and quiet, it keeps the heat in the room, makes it pretty warm, and saves money you would normally spend on electric heating. You may be wondering why you need a warm room to exercise. Shouldn’t it be cold because you get warm while doing yoga? Well, remember, the more you sweat, the more calories you lose, and the more effective your workout will be with less effort. And it is not good for a body to get thermal shock if you get warm in a very cold room.

As you can see, cork actually has a lot of benefit for yoga practice …

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