Invite nature to your flat ? Unique cork accessories

cork phone case

Invite nature to your flat ? Unique cork accessories. A cork phone case? A cork belt? Can you imagine these things? Well, cork isn’t just used for wine stoppers! It’s also a great material for any cork-related accessory. The most common are a cork board or a cork roll. What are some of the other popular ones? Contrary to what you imagined, there are actually quite a few accessories on the market that are made from cork.

A mat of cork

Invite nature to your flat ? Unique cork accessories

Do you make tea or coffee for your guests? Place the cup on the cork mat and serve it to your guests. This trick ensures that the table does not get too hot or be permanently damaged by the hot drink. It does this because of the excellent thermal properties of cork, which allow it to remain undamaged and still keep the drink heated. A cork floor behaves similarly. If you are impressed by these features, you can get yourself a cork mat that covers your entire floor rather than your table.

An ergonomic mouse pad made of cork

Invite nature to your flat ? Unique cork accessories

Invite nature to your flat ? Unique cork accessories. Why bother playing on a cheap pad that will roll up on its own after weeks of heavy use when all you can do is buy an equally cheap, high quality cork mouse pad? In addition, with some additional adjustments, it can be ergonomic. Overall, it’s a really good device for a gamer. Perhaps a pro gamer needs some extra features, but it should be good for the casual gamer looking to relax with good strategy or a first person shooter.

A cork board

It has to be said that the cork board is probably the most popular cork accessory around, but it never ceases to be useful. If you’re a kid, it can be used as a reminder of homework. If you are a student this is where you can keep all your notes and timetables. And if you’re already on a workforce or a parent, there is still another use for a cork board. Is it just that cheap, economical and environmentally friendly? like anything made of cork. And while cork appears like a fragile material that is easy to damage, it is actually better than most materials.

If you put a heavy thing on a cork it might take a little damage, but it will always bounce back. For this reason, a cork board is usually the best choice for children, since they always accidentally or not accidentally damage things and a cork board is not easily destroyed. If you want to get something different, you can also consider a glue roll or a cork roll. They can be easily glued to the wall and act like a sheet of cork, while at the same time enhancing the corks’ unique thermal and soundproofing properties.

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