Safety and comfort – a cork in the kid’s room

Safety and comfort – a cork in the kid’s room

At some point everybody will have to think about how to design a kid’s room. It’s a kid, you will say – it doesn’t need any complicated designs or wall covers. Well, by “design” we do not mean being fashionable, but thinking about all kid’s (and parents!) needs. Every kid needs a warm room with a soft floor. Is it even possible to make such without spending a whole lot of money? Yes, here comes the hero – cork flooring or cork underlays .

Why is cork so great?

Why is a cork so great, you will ask? I mean, everybody knows cork board or adhesive cork, but cork in a room? And moreover – a children’s room? Basically, a cork is a cheap and eco-friendly material. If you install a cork flooring, it’s going to keep the room warm because of cork’s thermal properties, thus saving a lot of money spent on the heating. It also silences out the noise coming out of the room, which means your kids can make as much noise as they want without annoying the neighbours or you during the work. You need to know that cork flooring is often used in recording studios as well – that really gives a perspective, doesn’t it?

Safety and comfort – a cork in the kid’s room

Some other tricks and tips

Did I mention a cork board? It really helps a kid of any age. You can pin photos there, funny quotes, reminders about housework to do or the assignments that were given by the school. You can also pin a lesson timetable. It’s useful not only for kid but also you – you can just look at the cork board and see what’s up right now, whether your kid should prepare anything for the lessons or whether you can take him or her out for a little trip if you wish so! I wish I had a cork board when I was a kid, it would help so much and it really looked cool. It is also a great way to pin your messages to the kid – maybe a little surprise in the morning? Like “mom loves you, remember about that” or a ticket to the circus pinned to the cork board? There are so many things you can do with this one! It just needs a bit of creativity!

Cork accessories

A kid’s room can also need cork accessories. Some of the most common are cork pads for the hot drinks, if your kid drinks tea while writing essays or playing games, or if a party is happening in your kid’s room and everybody wants to drink tea. A cork is also a great material to put between things, for example if there are two children in the room and each of them requires a personal space, you can just put furniture or cork that would be a border between two spaces.

Safety and comfort – a cork in the kid’s room

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