A finishing up and dilatation material – cork strips

cork floor dilatation

A finishing up and dilatation material – cork strips. Sometimes people search long and hard for the best material that will finish their construction or help with expansion. What exactly is it and how does a cork strip help? Basically, a dilation is a space or a gap that was left on purpose. When placed between some parts, it helps them perform their functions better. This is helpful to avoid possible problems during construction or later. When considering an extension, it helps to think of the railroad tracks, which must have a gap between them due to the temperature change over the year due to the swelling and contraction that occur at different times of the year.

A finishing up and dilatation material – cork strips

How exactly does a cork strip help with this? Well, the thermal and mute properties of cork are a great addition to expansion, not only because it creates a void that is helpful to other parts of the house, but also aesthetically. Thanks to a correctly placed cork strip, you avoid breaks or cracks on the walls or on the floor. The cork is also great for preventing permanent damage as it won’t crack or slip. Even if you put a heavy piece of furniture on top of it, the cork will just spring back at some point. If you are interested in such functions, you can also think of the cork floor or just cork underlays. A cork roll on the wall works similarly.

A finishing up and dilatation material – cork strips

A finishing up and dilatation material – cork strips. Cork is widely known for its use in wine stoppers. Now think about the wine: have you ever met a drink that changed the taste or was otherwise damaged because it used a cork? Probably not. This means that the cork has such excellent properties and can be used to preserve wines or other beverages. It has several other interesting and unique properties as well.

Many people praise the thermal properties, which means that the cork keeps heat in the room while also properly insulating it. It’s a great thing when you build a house. It is literally the cheapest way to finish it on your construction site or to insulate the room. If you are unsure whether your cork strip really works as intended and you fear that it is too fragile, give us a call. We will find out together whether it is actually a good material. You can also do your research or watch YouTube movies on how to use the cork insulation properly.

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