Recording a song? Only with a cork wall!

cork cover in recording studio

Recording a song? Only with a cork wall! If you are an artist and you have never heard about a cork wall, you should definitely do your research and give it a try. „Cork?” – you will ask, wondering whether we mean the university city of Cork in Ireland or maybe wine stoppers – „What does it have to do with recording a song?” Well, a lot, actually.

Acoustic properties of the cork wall

Recording a song? Only with a cork wall!

Recording a song? Only with a cork wall! Having cork flooring or cork wall is actually a very interesting way to decorate your own recording studio. It can be also any other room that should be silenced. Cork is a material obtained from the bark of the cork oak tree in a way that is fully safe for the environment and doesn’t hurt a tree. And it has some interesting properties. That includes the one that will be interesting for anybody who works with music or any other loud sounds. Basically, a cork roll or a cork wall will silence or even stop any sounds that come from any given room. The thing is to install it properly and make sure there are no holes in the roll. And there’s an extra feature – you’re getting a cork board for free. You can pin anything to a cork wall, be it a post-it note or a picture of your band.

Other features of the cork wall

Recording a song? Only with a cork wall!

Is there anything else that is interesting about cork? Well, yeah. A cork flooring is really soft and cushioned. It makes it an unique choice for the kids’ room. There’s also the matter of the cork’s thermal properties – it helps in keeping the room warm. It may be useful during long winter nights, when everybody dreams about the sun and some warmth. Some designers that like to experiment with cork rolls, put them as sort of decorative things in the kitchens or bathroom. The fact that you can pin a lot of things to cork makes it definitely easier and the effect is usually interesting. And if you indeed are an artist and own a recording studio, you may impress other artists. Just use of the cork roll in the room, while utilising its practical side as well. And if you have friends who love fighting for the environment, they will be impressed with such an eco-friendly material.

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