Durable and stable cork flooring

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Have you ever considered durable and stable cork flooring as a suitable choice for your very own floor? In this case you may wonder, whether it’s worth the effort. Yes, the cork flooring or a cork underlay look really good in your flat. Additionally if you have ever seen the wine stopper, you may wonder whether it will last for a long time. Well, it will. We are about to prove to you that your very own cork flooring or cork board may last for a really long time. If you take a good care of it and promise not to treat it too bad. It will be not only grateful, but it is also going to have a graceful look!

cork flooring

The fact is that a durable and stable cork flooring that is properly cared for may last even forty years, if not more. The cork will resist all cracks, gases, liquids and more. Actually, a lot of people think that cork may burn easily and would prefer not to use it in the room with any chimney. But it’s not true – cork roll is resistant to fire! It will never melt or ignite, unless there’s a really high temperature inside. Some people are worried that heavy furniture may indent cork and therefore damage it quite badly. However, the cork actually bounces back, so the indentations caused by an exceptionally heavy cupboard or sofa will not be permanent and there will be no signs of it left. Your cork roll on the floor will still look quite lovely

Now, the cork due to its resistance to almost everything you can think of is not only stable, but really healthy. It’s recommended especially to allergic people, who have to be careful with the potential allergens in the house – cork helps in keeping them out .Generally speaking, cork underlay or cork wall are more stable than a wooden floor or wall. Most people never complain of it shrinking or otherwise degrading. It is literally indestructible.

You still cannot believe that a cork oak tree can give something that is a good material for the floor? Look at the Library of Congress (Washington DC) then. It was founded in 1800 and its cork flooring is still on the roll. Nobody ever complains about it falling out or being unstable. There are also many other numerous examples of an adhesive cork or cork board being used in buildings for ages. They all are still as good as on the first day! Yes, it is unbelievable. It also means that we’re really lucky ones to have such a good tree as cork oak. It will give us so much good isolation cork and other things that we can enjoy.

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