Want to have an eco-wall? Try out the cork one!

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Want to have an eco-wall? Try out the cork one!. It’s pretty trendy to be an eco-person nowadays. Just show that you care about the environment which is surrounding us and you are going to have a good reputation among the people. Now, many humans wonder whether it’s really possible to be pro-eco all the time. Ecological products are usually acquainted with either low quality or high price. Some also wonder if it’s really possible to be pro-eco when building a house. Of course, just try some cork walls!

Where’s the trick?

Want to have an eco-wall? Try out the cork one!

Cork? – you will ask. – But it’s used only for wine stoppers! Well, not exactly. Cork flooring, cork walls… Yes, you can make everything from cork, which is also the most ecological material ever, because it’s made from the bark of cork oak tree and it does not hurt the tree at all. It’s hard to imagine a better quality material that would not hurt the delicate environment of Earth. It’s simply natural and really easy to recycle, while very unique (since it’s a natural material, each piece of the cork will be just different!) and also having some interesting properties: insulating, thermal, acoustic among them. It all makes the cork just the great material for the walls or flooring in your new house. Place the cork wall in the children’s room and it will be just quieter in all of the house.

Why cork flooring?

cork flooring

Want to have an eco-wall? Try out the cork one! So who exactly would be interested in having a cork flooring? Obviously, mostly people who are pro-eco and want to make conscious decions about their lifestyle. But not only them. Allergic people may be intrested in cork flooring’s surface resistance to dust and toxins – it doesn’t absorb them, meaning it makes life a bit easier for those who suffer from dust allergy. There’s also a great pro of cork flooring being soft and cushioned – it just makes some things easier and will probably prevent your children from being in pain after a random fall on the floor.

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