Natural and eco-friendly silencing underlay – a cork flooring

cork underlayment

Natural and eco-friendly silencing underlay – a cork flooring . Sometimes you just need to silence a room, be it a recording studio or a kid’s room.  Are you desperately looking for anything that could help in keeping the loud sounds in your room quiet to the rest of the world? Consider trying out the cork underlay. The cork is widely associated with wine stoppers, but not many people know that the bark of the cork oak tree is the source of the most natural and eco-friendly material ever – namely cork, which is used widely in the production of the cork flooringcork sheets or cork walls.

Perfect sound insulation

Natural and eco-friendly silencing underlay – a cork flooring

There are numerous advantages of using a cork underlay. For many people it may seem fragile at first or just an unsuitable material. This is not true. Products using cork are widely known for their silencing attributes. A properly laid out cork roll or cork sheet will silence the sounds coming from the given room. Also it make sure the neighbours never complain about your kids. Cork flooring is also a great asset in any school classroom, where for sure a lot of noise is being made.

There’s also another advantage of having a cork underlay in the room used by the kids – it’s really soft. If anybody falls, there will be no tears. The cork itself will not be hurt. If anything heavy stomps on the cork flooring, the material will eventually bounce back to its normal state. As you can see, this is a perfect thing to have in your kid’s room. It does especially if your offspring is young and prone to falling a lot. A child that is only learning to walk might be really happy with cork flooring!

Durable product

Natural and eco-friendly silencing underlay – a cork flooring. There’s another aspect of having a cork flooring – it’s really eco-friendly. Nobody has to cut down the cork oak tree. It simply produces bark that is harvested by experts under strict regulations. The bark grows back and we get the cork material. Now, as mentioned at the beginning, many may associate cork with the wine stoppers. The truth is that more and more bottles use plastic stoppers or any other kind of materials.

This may bottle the wine in a way which doesn’t cause it to lose its properties. It means the cork wine stoppers are going to be less used in the business. On the other hand the cork oak tree will never stop losing its bark. Is there a more eco-friendly thing to do than not letting this material go to the waste? Let us reply – nope. So check out the cork flooring and decide. Do you want to have it in your house or at least one of your rooms. It may be an interesting experiment not only for you. It also may be interesting for the guests that come to your household.

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