Quick setup, great effect – the advantages of self-adhesive cork

Does your child need a cork board in the room or maybe you are a school teacher and you want to use the cork sheet to let your pupils pin things on the cork wall? You’ve probably looked over many shops and found out the cork seems to be your best choice but you still don’t have time to try to assembly and setup all of those things? Does it seem too complicated? Well, try out the self-adhesive cork! It is really easy to mount on the wall and doesn’t require any complicated knowledge to do it.

Self-adhesive cork sheets

What is that exactly? Well, the name is kind of self-explanatory – the self-adhesive cork sheet may be glued to the wall with no effort and it really is a great asset in a school classroom. If you want your pupils to be able to share things by pinning them to the cork sheet, there’s no problem with that – it is thick enough to handle all the pins yet it still looks beautifully and will not fall off easily. It saves a lot of time due to it being really simple to mount on the wall. And there’s another advantage of self-adhesive cork sheet – you can glue it to anything for a short time and then if your kid gets bored of it or you think it’s not really needed or there’s a better location for this cork sheet, then you can just simply remove it from the wall with no bigger consequences. The wall will not be damaged and the removal itself will be simple enough. It is a great news for those who really hate moving things around the house.

Eco-friendliness of cork sheets

Moreover, the self-adhesive cork sheets are really eco-friendly, not only because they are made of cork (the most environmentally friendly material ever), but also because of that simple removal. You can just decide to get rid of the cork sheet and give it to your neighbour, who will have a better use of it. Maybe his or her kids will be happy to have a cork board, or maybe you are going to give it to the local school. In any case the cork roll will not get damaged and you will be able to remove it or mount it numerous times, making it not only eco-friendly, but a really good material for any do-overs or design changes in your house. Your kids will be happy to be able to move the self-adhesive cork sheet so much!

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