Cork wall

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The cork sheets we offer are characterized by different parameters to meet the different needs of customers.

Most dowels have a standard thickness of 3mm, with the exception of the River and Virgin series which are characterized by a thickness of 25mm. Thanks to the unique structure of these stoppers, every customer can find a product that perfectly suits their preferences.

Cork sheets are available in dimensions of 600 mm x 300 mm for versatile applications. The bulk density of the products is between 260 and 310 kg/m3, which guarantees durability and high quality of the material.

The rich palette of colors and patterns of wall cork allows for unlimited design possibilities. The diverse structure of the products gives the interiors a natural and original character that is difficult to achieve with other decorative materials. With a wide range of options available, customers can customize the stoppers to suit their individual preferences and the style of their home.

Create a unique atmosphere in every room

Use wall cork as an elegant covering. From the living room to the bedroom, our cork provides warmth and coziness, creating a space you will love. Use our cork as a functional board for attaching notes, photos or shopping lists. Create a creative ideas wall in the office or use it as a practical wall protection in the kitchen. Our wall cork is not just a wall decoration. Discover its potential as a furniture cover and for creating stylish tables, cupboards or photo frames. A wall cork combined with a technical cork can not only perform a decorative function, but also be a useful place to attach important things.

The wall cork does not attract dust.

Thanks to innovative technology and the natural properties of cork, our product repels dust and keeps your walls fresh and clean without excessive cleaning. This solution is intended for those who value the ease of maintaining order in their home.

Natural protection against mold:

Because cork is an organic material, it contains natural substances that act as a barrier against mold growth. This keeps your walls free of harmful microorganisms and ensures a healthy and safe environment. This is an ideal solution for allergy sufferers and those who want to create a safe place to live.

Wall cork as a furniture covering
Wall cork is an excellent solution not only as a decorative material for walls, but also as a unique furniture cover. Thanks to its unique structure and properties, cork can give furniture an original look and an additional level of functionality.

By choosing wall cork as a furniture cover, the customer has the opportunity to adapt it to a specific interior style. The variety of colors and patterns of cork allows you to create furniture that perfectly matches the character of a particular room.

Additionally, cork is a natural, eco-friendly material, which can be an important factor for environmentally conscious customers. Due to its flexibility, it can be easily adapted to different furniture shapes, making the production process easier.

Cork also has excellent insulating properties, which can be important for furniture, especially those placed in rooms where temperature and humidity control is important.

In summary, the use of wall cork as furniture covering allows the creation of unique, aesthetic and functional interior decoration elements that meet both the criteria of design and practical use.