Black acoustic panel 10mm

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Black acoustic panel 10mmx300mmx600mm=0,18m2


Black acoustic panel 10mm

The black acoustic panel 10mm is very often used as an insulating and decorative material. It is an alternative to polystyrene and mineral wool. Our cork is completely natural, as the product is made of cork oak bark. The product is 100% natural, non-toxic, fungus resistant and durable. It does not lose its characteristic features even after many years of use. If you use our expanded cork, you won’t have to worry about fire spread. Not to mention that expanded cork is a self-extinguishing product.

It is produced by exposing the cork granulate (without any additives) simultaneously to a temperature of 335 ° C and a pressure of 0.5 Kg / cm2 for 20 minutes. In this process, the cork granulate expands, i.e. the free spaces between the individual granules are closed by the natural binder (suberin) released in this process, which, by joining the expanded granules, leads to the formation of agglomerate blocks. Plates 600 mm x 300 mm in size and 10 mm thick are then cut from these blocks

The material is odorless and resistant to insects and rodents. Expanded cork does not age, which means that it maintains its properties while maintaining dimensional stability over the years. The cork reduces the propagation of surface and impact sounds. For use at temperatures between -180C ° to + 120C °. In the event of a fire, the expanded cork does not emit any toxic gases. The material is completely recyclable and can be reused in construction. The cork has good dielectric properties, causing the accumulation of much lower electric charges than synthetic insulating materials.

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