Expanded dark cork 1000x500x20mm

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Expanded dark cork 1000x500x20mm


Expanded dark cork 1000x500x20mm

This type of expanded cork is a natural product that does not contain polyurethane. Under the influence of high temperatures, it increases in volume and the resulting suberin is a natural binder. In this way we get an ecological and light product.

Expanded cork arose from the need to recycle cork waste and in light of increasing energy consumption around the world.

Manufacturers have recognized expanded cork as the best natural insulator currently used in construction. The cork grains are pressed and agglomerated at high temperature through suitable gradual grinding and cleaning processes. This system allows the cork cells to retain all of their properties (living cells filled with air that allow for an increase in volume), making them the best natural insulator in the world.

The use of expanded cork is a solution with high thermal, acoustic, anti-vibration and insulating parameters, particularly suitable for
for use in exterior, interior and molding walls; Plates; Flat and pitched roofs and underfloor heating.

Work as:

– Sound and thermal insulation

– Attic insulation

– Wall decoration

– reduces vibrations

– as a coating for terrariums


– 100% natural and additive-free industrial process

– Durability of 50 to 60 years without loss of properties

– Fully recyclable

– CO2 absorber (CO2 NEGATIVE)

– Built-in low energy consumption

– No emissions from compounds that affect indoor air quality

– Virtually unlimited durability

– Maintenance of technical properties> Promotes thermal lag

– Water vapor permeability


– panel dimensions: 500×1000 mm,
– Available thicknesses: 15 – 30 mm,
– density: 110 – 120 kg/m³,
– Thermal conductivity λ: 0.036 – 0.038 W/mK,
– fire classification: Euroclass E,
– compressive strength at 10%: 100 kPa,
– Humidity rate: max. 8%
– water absorption: 0.5 kg/m²,
– length tolerance: ± 3 – 5 mm,
– thickness tolerance: ± 1 – 2 mm,
– Operating temperature: -180 to 120ºC.

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