Original price was: 39,50 £.Current price is: 33,50 £. per pack 1.98 m2


Tile dimensions: 600 x 300 x 3mm = 0.18m2

Bulk packaging: 1.98 m2/1 pack

Thermal conductivity coefficient: 0.053 W/mK

Bulk density: 260 – 310 kg/m3

water absorption: 2-4%



Home is an oasis of peace and happiness. Here we relax after a hard day. And here we spend time with our loved ones. It is therefore worthwhile to make sure that not every moment in this unique place is disturbed. Hear noises from outside, noises from the neighbour’s apartment or steps behind the wall? These don’t do well for relaxation and rest. The only effective solution to give your home a unique atmosphere is the wall-cork MALTA NATURE.

Wall-cork MALTA NATURE 3MM is an original decoration for any interior. We have an abundance of textures, patterns and colors of the cork products. It allows the arrangement of all rooms in traditional and modern style. Decorative wall cork is a natural and elegant room decoration. This is a unique and practical solution. Cork wall coverings improve the microclimate in the interior and reduce the noise level. This noise can come from outside and cork dampens vibrations and impact noises. Cork makes the walls warmer. It also offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. This leads to more comfort when using our interiors.

From today we can forget about a noisy neighbor or a busy street that runs in front of the windows. This raw material perfectly insulates the interior. It protects it from excessive heat loss. In addition, cork walls always feel pleasantly warm, durable and at the same time dirt-repellent. In a word, the wall cork is beauty, elegance, aesthetics and functionality in one.

Where can you use the MALTA NATURE 3MM wall cork?

Cork walls prove themselves in the arrangement of practically every room. And there is no exaggeration here. A wide range of products will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Thanks to its unusual properties, wall corks can be used anywhere. You can use it as a large cork top in the living room or in the kitchen. A good place for cork devices is the bathroom, as well as the hallway or corridor, where traffic is very high. Cork walls can also be used in a place as humid and hot as a sauna. Thanks to the unique cell structure, wall cork regulates the microclimate in the interior. Once you hang it on the wall, you will forget about mold. Fungus and moisture are also not a problem. The product is also perfect for bedrooms where thermal and acoustic comfort is extremely important.

In addition, the cork lining is completely anti-allergic and therefore completely harmless to our babies. Therefore, you can easily put it in your rooms and children’s play areas as well as on an additional notice board. The decorative cork on the wall protects the surface from dirt. This is also possible in places with heavy traffic like dirt like atriums and corridors. As an extremely durable product, you can enjoy aesthetic and practical values ​​for a long time with the wall refinement cork. The numerous advantages of a cork wall give the interior a new and unique meaning!

Decorative wall cork MALTA NATURE 3MM – is it difficult to keep it clean?

Cork walls won’t be difficult for us to keep clean. During the production phase, the manufacturers protect the surface of the wall cork with a layer of wax that protects it from dirt. Therefore, dust, grease or dirt can easily be washed off the surface. Simply clean it with warm water and a mild detergent, e.g. B. detergent.

After you have attached the cork to the wall, you can use it right away. The wall cork MALTA NATURE 3MM no longer requires additional sealing or painting, which saves time and money. You can only impregnate the cork with beeswax every few months. Thanks to this, we will renew its appearance and give freshness to the walls. Wall cork is an extremely durable and elastic material. That’s why you can use it as a cork board. It is not destroyed and retains its unusual properties for life even when subjected to intensive daily use.

Installation – what should you know before starting work?

Cork is a product that changes its dimensions when the humidity decreases. So it is very important to acclimate the cork sheet before installing it. We store and transport cork under different conditions. After delivery to the customer’s home, we recommend unpacking the product and keeping it in the room. You should leave your cork in the place where you plan to install it for 48 hours. Then we avoid the formation of gaps that can appear on the sheets connections. This situation can occur especially in winter. When the outside temperature is low and the inside of the room is high. After waiting the necessary time, you can attach the cork to the walls. Our webshop sells in “pieces” 600 mm x 300 mm. We recommend buying at least 10-15% more goods.

Tiles can be installed in dry rooms such as the living room, bedroom or children’s room. You can also install in damp places like kitchen, bathroom or sauna as well. Wall corks are produced that guarantee low energy consumption, practically no emissions and minimal environmental impact. By choosing 100% natural cork products, you contribute to the development of responsible, innovative and sustainable solutions and contribute to the protection of our natural environment and future generations.

Dimensions of the wall corks we offer

The wall cork we offer has a thickness of 3 mm (River and Virgin 25 mm cork). It also has a uniquely different structure so that every customer can find a product that suits their needs. The dimensions of the available cork boards are 600 mm x 300 mm and 450 mm x 300 mm for the standard pattern. The volume density of the products is 260 – 310 kg / m3. A wide range of colors and designs of the wall cork gives you unlimited uses. Products with a diverse structure give the interior a natural and original character. You can not create it with any other decorative material.

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Additional information

Weight2,70 kg



per pack




260-310 kg/m3




1,98 m2





Thermal conductivity

0.053 W/mK