Cork Mosaic 6 mm

7,90 £ per pcs

Dimensions: 300x300x6mm

Each tile pattern is unique. Photo of the room is a computer visualization.

Cork mosaic is a natural architectural material, made from a by-product, resulting in the production of corks for wine. Cork discs are hand made and shaped into sheets that make up the mosaic of cork, easy to install on the floors and walls.

Production time: up to 7 days




Many ideas for decorating an apartment or house come up in a completely unexpected way. The idea of ​​making a cork mosaic came to the minds of German designers after they found out how many wine cork blanks end up in scrap due to failure to meet the requirements of winemakers and the imperfection of cork wood. Cork has long been a favorite material of designers; many of them use bottle corks to create various souvenirs that often adorn various bars and restaurants.

The creators of the cork mosaic claim that they were motivated not only by the idea of ​​creating original material from objects they know, but also by the desire to protect the environment, as a huge amount of material is thrown away during the production of bottle caps.

The work of sorting corks for the production of mosaics is quite routine, therefore blind people or prisoners are involved in this technological process, choosing corks according to a specific pattern. Then pieces of cork not more than 6 millimeters thick are glued to pieces of paper measuring 30 by 30 centimeters. Unlike most modern finishing materials, the cork mosaic sheets are not pressed or sintered, but retain their natural properties.

In addition, in some cases, experts recommend laying the cork first and then painting it. Various types of dispersion paints or coloring varnishes are used to color the cork mosaic.


The decorative cork mosaic is made of cork discs with a diameter of 25mm. The discs are placed on a transparent foil, thanks to which the installation of the cork is much easier. All you need to do is brush the wall with glue, apply the cork discs and press it. After the glue is completely dry, tear off the protective foil. Then, the cork should be grouted with any chosen grout, such as is used in tiling.

We proceed in exactly the same way as with the tiles. We glue, grout, wash and wait for drying. The cork mosaic can be placed on any surface – “base”, tiles, plywood or chipboard. The most important thing is that the surface on which the cork mosaic will be laid is relatively flat.

Finally, the cork mosaic must be varnished to protect it against dirt. This material can be used for both floor decoration and wall decoration. If the owner of the apartment plans to use a cork mosaic to decorate the bathroom, it is necessary to carefully select moisture-resistant glue. After laying the cork mosaic, it should be covered with varnish, which will significantly extend its life.

Cork has many advantages over other finishes. First of all, cork mosaic is a natural finishing material that allows you to create a cozy atmosphere in your home. Walking on the cork floor is very pleasant and the material is environmentally friendly, so a cork mosaic can be used to decorate any living space.

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