Lambourde insulation board

Lambourde insulation board on the wall

Lambourde insulation board is a quick application system designed for low thickness insulation and building renovation. It is used for mechanical fastening to the floor or wall, providing: perfect thermal and acoustic insulation under wood or plasterboard finish. The material is 100% natural. It has unparalleled thermal and acoustic properties. The material is easy to install thanks to flush-mounted slats and provides mechanical stability.

Lambourde insulation board on the floor

Lambourde insulation board works in a very wide temperature range, from -180 ° C to 120 ° C. At very high temperatures, it does not emit any toxic substances such as carbon dioxide. The overall product density is approximately 110 kg / m3. The fire reaction class is marked with the letter E in the European specification. The sound absorption capacity can be as high as 59 dB when using this product. Thanks to the Portuguese solution, the strips embedded in the cork allow you to install both plasterboard and OSB boards.

Lambourde insulation board interior

After assembly, the lambourde board will be resistant to many chemicals, insects and rodents. It can be used in walls, floors and ceilings. It is also used to prevent cold from escaping from chambers where low temperature is required. Sometimes you can also find the application of vibration isolation of machines and devices. This cork is suitable for both construction from scratch as well as renovation and reconstruction.

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