Absorption of vibrations by cork in industry and construction

cork floor in train

Absorption of vibrations by cork in industry and construction combines performance with environmental considerations. With the development of infrastructure and urbanization, the importance of a high-quality acoustic environment for human well-being increases.

People around the world are more aware of the impact acoustics have on their daily lives and expect a higher quality acoustic experience.

On the other hand, trends in the areas of sustainability, recycling and circular economy require a stronger focus on waste minimization and environmental pollution. Cork-based sound and vibration isolation solutions are advancing to meet these three pressing needs.

anti vbrating cork composites in building's columns

Although cork has a higher loss factor than rubber – which is essential for the damping function and consequently energy dissipation – anti-vibration rubbers are insulating and offer very little damping.

The combination of the two materials as a cork-rubber composite provides additional properties as a vibration isolating material. No material combines process performance and handling with such perfection and diversity. Moreover it has resistance to mechanical and thermal effects as well as chemical compatibility in products that are easy to cut and shape for final use.

Absorption of vibrations by cork in industry and construction and the unusual properties of cork are currently being tested in high-speed trains. Special cork floors in the form of a lightweight composite structure are more and more often found in the inner floors of passenger carriages. There are aluminum alloy shells on both sides.

As with all mobility models, reducing the weight of railway wagons is crucial for energy consumption. Requirements such as the inclusion of HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems, noise reduction, increased thermal insulation, design versatility and safety regulations for collision structures usually have a common denominator: weight gain. Cork composites help reduce it.

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