Original and impressive cork wall

Original and impressive cork wall

Original and impressive cork wall. When decorating a new house, everybody wants it to be beautiful, but also practical, while not putting too much effort into a decoration. That is why in the case of the walls we often choose simple solutions like photomurals, while we have so much more to choose from. These times give us huge perspectives and many solutions. One of the newest trend is to decorate a wall with a cork, an eco-friendly and unique material, which is also really cheap. It allows to decorate the house without spending too much money but the effect is just the same as if the walls were painted in a traditional way or paneled.

Cork wall’s properties

Original and impressive cork wall

A cork wall can make any house or room warm and comfortable, while also silencing out all the noises. Isolation cork is really good for keeping the budget in order. Due to the savings you get and meanwhile it creates a healthy environment inside the house. It is also a great way to decorate the household, for example by making an unique collage from cork. It can be in many colours and shades, so a great composition may come out of this. This is also important to note that a cork is the material that can be painted. That means that if you get bored by the natural colour of your own cork board or cork wall, you can paint it freely without worrying about the material losing its impressive attributes.

Other ideas about cork

grey cork wall

The cork is also great for people that have allergies. This means you can feel free to install the cork on the walls in your kid’s room. Especially since this material goes well with any interior. If you want your room to have an industrial feel, just connect the eco-friendly cork with any metal or stone thing. It gives you an interesting variant of a typical modern space. What’s more, the cork doesn’t shut off the walls and allows them to breathe, which means you will never find any damp or mould under the material.

A cork board in the office

If you have a little office in your household, you could install a cork wall to be able to pin important information to them without destroying the facture of the wall and any other permanent damage. You will also have all the notes in one place without having to wonder where did you leave them. Meanwhile the wall will be in the perfect condition. If you have any photos or other things you want to have close to you or maybe just show to your guests anytime they come here, you can also put them on a cork wall.
Coziness, comfort, warmness – it’s all associated with cork walls, cork flooring and any other things that are made from cork. If you want to have an interesting decoration in the room, while being eco-friendly, choose all things cork.

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