Cork plug – not only for wine

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Cork plug – not only for wine. The material from the bark of the cork oak tree, more commonly called cork, comes from Portugal. There it is harvested and exported to the whole world. This is a very eco-friendly material that can be easily processed and recycled, while having really unique properties.

Cork has so many uses

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Most people, thinking of cork, will have the image of a wine stopper in their mind, or maybe a cork board. Many things that you can see in the kitchen or the living room are made from this material. It really has a wide variety of uses, some more serious, some less. There’s cork flooring, but there are also cork supports for the tablets that will make watching Netflix less painful. But what makes the cork so great is that it’s eco-friendly and cheap, while it also has some unique thermal properties. It is the main reason for it being used for cork pads in the restaurants or households. When serving a cup of tea or coffee, many people will start put out the cork pads before, just to make sure that the heat of the drink will not affect the table.

The silencing value of a cork pad

silencing armchair cork pad

Cork plug – not only for wine. Adhesive cork is also another interesting thing made from the cork. It can be used as a cork pad, for example under a chair or a table. It can be attached to the leg of the furniture, preventing it from causing any permanent damage to the floor. This also protects them and silencing the sound of the chair that is being shifted as well.

A cork to go, please

Some people also like putting the cork on their cup of coffee or tea to go. Since it has so great thermal properties, it will keep the drink warm, while being also eco-friendly. Decorations? Here you go, cork is not only a great addition to the design of the room. It sure makes even the simplest home gadgets very elegant, but it has also its practical uses. And, of course, it simply looks good in all kinds of the interior design, while being really cheap. Its thermal properties allow also the cork underlay to be put under all kinds of hot dishes that might be made in your kitchen. The cork also has no specific smell. This makes it great for kitchen gadgets or wine stoppers – it will not change the taste of anything.

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