Durable and practical cork accessories

Durable and practical cork accessories

Durable and practical cork accessories is not only a versatile insulating material and an excellent cover for walls and floors.

They are also original and practical accessories such as cork accessories (wallets and cork bags, belts and cork clothing) as well as unconventional decorative items such as bowls and cork pots, cork lamps, jewelry or USB sticks.

Perfect cork gift

Durable and practical cork accessories

90% of the cork is made up of air, which makes it a very flexible material. Thanks to this cork, unusual accessories for everyday use are made. Wonderful ecological devices also can undoubtedly become great surprises for nature and ecology lovers. Cork accessories are ideal for allergy sufferers. Cork as a raw material does not attract dust and does not irritate the nasal mucous membranes or the respiratory tract.

It is safe in contact with the skin as it does not cause allergies. Cork products are very durable, do not crumble. They do not fade and are very easy to clean. Beautiful cork accessories such as flower pots, umbrellas, candle holders, mouse pads, photo frames and key rings are definitely an original gift for any occasion.

Unconventional decorative items made of cork can be used in different ways. Above all, the mere awareness that the production of cork does not harm the environment in any way as it comes from self-regenerating trees. It is a reasonable argument in favor of its use in many industries.

Natural properties

cork stool

Durable and practical cork accessories behaves like natural leather during use. Soft, natural wrinkles appear on it. In addition, the stopper is extremely resistant to discoloration and abrasion. It will be an ideal, ecological and certainly original gift that will surprise even the most demanding person.

It is easy to clean and does not require any additional maintenance. In addition, the stopper is anti-allergic, does not irritate the skin, the mucous membrane of the eyes or the nose. Kitchen mats for hot dishes, Christmas decorations or handmade plates with wine corks will please every lover of ecology and handicrafts.

A cork board in the shape of a card can also be a good idea for a gift. Ideally suited to mark newly discovered places by every traveler. These extraordinary natural accessories or haberdashery are sure to change

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