Cork oak bark — various applications

Cork oak bark — various applications

Cork oak bark — various applications. The greatest value of oak is its bark, which has found wide application in many areas. The bark of the cork oak is moisture-resistant, temperature-resistant, does not go moldy, does not rot.

Thanks to these advantages, it has been the best material for terrariums (as a cork pipe, cork cave, cork branches, etc.), paludariums, vivariums, plant compositions (tillands, orchids) or in sophisticated gardens for years. Its specific and unique structure makes it look very exotic.

Terrariums, zoology or floristry

cork for amphibians

In terrariums, cork oak bark is used as a natural, safe, and durable tree for climbing reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, and insects. There can also be elements of the decor – light and permanent hiding places (also for large and heavy hoses), cork pipes, cork tunnels, cork caves.

They can also be used as elements for planting and hooking plants such as Tillandsia, Orchidea, Crypthantus, Bromelia. In zoology, however, cork oak is used as twigs and hollows for parrots and other birds. In addition, it can be an element for rodents to climb and play with, for example degu, squirrels, etc. It is their natural hiding place.

In floristry, cork oak bark is used as a planting and decorative element, for example Tillandsia, Orchidea, Crypthantus, Bromelia. They can also be elements for the design of flower arrangements, e.g. B. Pots and Pans.

Cork tube

Cork oak bark — various applications. The cut tree ripens for about 7 years before it rots and shrinks in the middle. After this time, the wood is pulled out from the inside and knocked out with simple tools.

This process is therefore tedious and lengthy, which in connection with the transportation creates costs and affects the market value of the goods. However, this is the only tree whose bark has such a wide range of uses due to its properties. This is how the cork pipe is made. Giant cork tubes are used in the garden, decorating gardens or rockeries in a very exotic and rare way.

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