Resilient and durable yoga accessories — choose a natural cork

Resilient and durable yoga accessories — choose a natural cork

Yoga is an Indian philosophy of life that leads to harmony between body, soul and spirit. In order for yoga exercises to achieve the intended effect, they should be performed with suitable, high-quality accessories.

It is important that these items are durable, properly tuned, and stable. These are the characteristics of accessories made of cork.

Ecological products

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This accessory is made from a highly compressed cork agglomerate. Due to the high density of this material and the corresponding manufacturing technology, cork products are characterized by very good durability and stability.

These natural, warm to the touch and ecological products ensure safety and comfort during training. They are made of deformation-resistant and elastic material. This ensures a long-term quality of use. The most popular cork products that are indispensable for practicing yoga are: cubes, mats, pillows, wedges, quarter rounds.

For example, Yoga Pad is light and very original made of 100% highly compressed cork. Ideal as a travel shoe – for everyone who takes part in yoga workshops, excursions, etc. Slightly smaller dimensions than a standard brick, rounded edges and very low weight make it the most convenient transport block. We recommend people who train individually, everyone who appreciates beautiful, simple everyday objects.

Benefits of cork

Resilient and durable yoga accessories — choose a natural cork

The great advantage of cork accessories is their low weight, thanks to which they can be easily moved and taken to yoga classes wherever they are organized, including outdoors. The same shapes of cubes, wedges or quarter heels. High level of precision in their execution ensure good stability despite their low weight.

In contrast to wood, cork products feel more comfortable and warm and at the same time are much lighter and more resistant to dents.
Due to the water resistance of the cork, the products made from it are not absorbable and therefore moisture and mold resistant. This means that they can be used and stored even in adverse weather conditions without having to worry about their destruction.

Cork yoga accessories are extremely durable and long-lasting products. They are intended for individual exercises, for people who value natural products. It is worth using these eco-friendly objects to achieve harmony of the mind and clarity of mind while practicing yoga in harmony with nature.

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