Cork underlay 10mm (5m)

87,90 £ per roll

Cork underlay 10m(32,80 ft = 196,85″) x 1m(3,33 ft = 39,37″) x 10mm(0,39″)


Roll dimensions: 1m x 5m x 10mm,

Packing: 1 roll = 5 m2,

Mute: 25 dB

Thermal conductivity: 0.053 W / mK,

Bulk density: 180 – 200 kg / m3,

Water absorption: 2 – 4%.


Cork underlay 10mm (5m) – Cork insulation underlay– reliable performance technology

Cork underlay 10mm (5m) is made using excellent technology. It does not allow any chemical artificial additives that could have a negative impact on our health. The material is based on natural cork aggregate and ecological binder. The cork mat on the floor differs from the standard cork on the floor. It has a lower density and a more porous structure. This makes the insulation parameters of the product even better.

What distinguishes cork under panels from other materials of this type?

Natural origin

Cork excels among other things with insulating materials because it is a completely natural raw material. Mediterranean people obtain it from the bark of cork oak. This makes it the healthiest product on the market. Its production is based on natural ingredients. Therefore it is completely neutral for the human body and the environment. Unfortunately, this cannot be said of other synthetic bases.

It should be noted that the process of obtaining cork is carried out without damaging the tree from which it is extracted. A few or a few centimeters of the bark is detached from the coarse trunk and subjected to further processing. This procedure is carried out every 9-10 years. After barking the tree regenerates and rebuilds its bark, which begins to grow again. Cork is a completely antistatic material. It means it does not electrify and therefore does not attract dust. This is very good news, especially for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Is it the same for other materials?

Thermal insulation

The cork insulation layer has very good thermal insulation parameters. Its thermal conductivity coefficient is 0.053 W / mK, which places it at the forefront of the hottest insulating materials. Importantly, cork does not lose its insulating properties over a wide temperature range. As a result it can be used in very cold and extremely hot environments. Cork has acquired this valuable property due to its specific cellular structure, which is not possible under artificial conditions.

Cork tissue is made from a huge number of dead cells. The space between them is filled with gas whose composition is similar to air. The gas content is about 90% of its volume. As a result, cork perfectly insulates the interior against heat loss. In addition, the touch material is pleasantly warm because it does not absorb or conduct the heat of the human body, which translates into comfortable use of the floor under which the cork substrate is used.

Acoustic insulation and vibroinsulation

An acoustic cork underlay is also a great way to isolate rooms from unpleasant sounds, noise and vibrations. Using cork under the floor will also reduce the sound of steps and cracking the floor, which in turn will improve comfort when using the apartment. Cork flooring has the ability to suppress air and impact sounds over a very wide range.

Chemical volume and impermeability to gases and liquids

Cork is a raw material that boasts that it does not react chemically with any substances. It is also impermeable to liquids and gases. Moreover, it has no taste or smell, so the popular usage is closing food and beverage containers. Cork is also moisture resistant. As a result, you can be sure that when used as a floor mat you eliminate the risk of mold and mildew and its properties will not change over time.

Dimensional stability of cork underlayment

Dimensional stability is a very important feature, especially when it comes to materials that will be heavily loaded. Cork flooring guarantees such stability. As a result, the thickness of the floor will not change after we lay the and the furniture on. This is a clear advantage that differentiates cork from other bases. Inexpensive materials usually reduce their thickness by 50-70% compared to the original dimensions.

Fire resistance and durability

Cork is a refractory material. It protects the tree trunk from overheating and high temperatures occurring in forest fires. Contact with fire burns without flame and therefore does not present a fire risk. It also does not emit toxic gases under the influence of fire, so it does not pollute the environment.The special design of the cork means that the raw material is also extremely resistant to damage and abrasion. This is an extremely important feature, especially among foundations. The floor laid on it is constantly working and it is essential that the friction of the material against the material becomes necessary. The high friction coefficient of cork sleepers means that this material will last longer than many floors.

Cork lightness and its effect on the internal microclimate

Cork is an extremely lightweight material that does not overload the surfaces on which it has been laid. Air represents 50% of its weight. Therefore, the cork is five times lighter than water and, due to its impermeability to liquids, is completely unsinkable. People already used it thousands of years ago to produce fishing buoys and nets.
Cork on the floor also has the ability to stabilize air humidity and equalize the temperature. Thanks to this, we can be sure that the microclimate in our interiors will be perfect.

Cork underlay 10mm (5m) – Where can I use them?

Cork flooring is ideal for all types of floors. It will work well under floors made of boards, panels, linoleum and PVC, as well as under stone or ceramic tiles. You can also  install it under the carpet to give a soft and elastic floor effect.

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Additional information

Weight11,00 kg


Sound absorption

30 dB

Thermal conductivity

0.053 W/mK








180-200 kg/m3