Heat-resistant Rectangular Cork Pad

20,00 £

Round cork pad for heat-resistant dishes


width: 35cm
height: 2.5 cm
length: 21cm
groove 14cm


Our offer includes a wide range of cork pads in various shapes, which can be used in many ways.

They work perfectly in every kitchen, e.g. used as hot pads (trivets), but not only.

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Heat-resistant Rectangular Cork Pad

Heat-resistant Rectangular  Cork Pad green nowadays becomes a stylish and popular choice in our kitchen. It looks beautiful on every table. Made from high quality cork granules. Cork pads reliably protect the table and worktop. It protects them from heat, water stains and other soiling. We offer a wide range of designs so everyone can find something for themselves. These coasters are made from natural cork from Portugal.

New Trends

Cork pads can be nice accessories on a table. If you’re ready to spend some time making them look beautiful. They protect your furniture from moisture and stains. In addition, personalized cork coasters can be a perfect gift for Christmas or a birthday. It depends on our imagination and time. You can find wonderful designs in the shop or make them yourself.

Heat-resistant Rectangular Cork Pad – How to clean it?

Heat-resistant Rectangula Cork Pad is naturally resistant to water, heat and mold. This material is easy to clean, but remember to limit direct sunlight to avoid fading. Spills should be wiped off immediately. You should wipe the surface regularly with a damp cloth. Cork mats should be cleaned carefully after each use. You can use sandpaper to remove difficult marks from cork mats. Always dry cork mats thoroughly before storing them. Cork pads are very popular table decoration features, usually as table mats and coasters. You should therefore know what to do if the cork gets dirty.

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