Cork washer Owal Small 30 / 22cm decor-set 4 pcs

9,50 £ 4 pcs

Oval Small cork pads 30 / 22cm x 3 mm


Cork washer Owal Small 30 / 22cm decor-set 4 pcs

Cork washer Owal Small 30 / 22cm decor-set 4 pcs with an animal motif made of highly selected cork granules, with a very fine granulation and light grain, with rounded corners.

The pads are printed in black, showing the spots of animals. The pads are smooth to the touch.

The set includes 4 pcs. Each search has a different imprint – such as the one shown in the photos.

Dimensions: 300 x 220mm

Thickness: 3mm

Set: 4 pcs.

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