The use of cork oak bark

Cork oak bark has many uses in gardens, zoos and animal terrariums.

Here are some ways you can use it:

  1. Garden pots: Bark from the cork oak can be used to make garden pots. Its natural insulating properties will help protect plant roots from extreme temperatures. In addition, cork bark is lightweight, durable and weather-resistant, which makes it an excellent material for outdoor planters.

  1. Pavement in zoos: In zoos, cork oak bark can be used as a natural paving in animal enclosures. Its soft and flexible structure provides comfortable conditions for animals and helps to maintain proper soil moisture.
  2. Zoo decorations: Cork bark can also be used to create decorations in zoos. It can be used as a decorative element around catwalks, on walking paths or around observation decks. The cork bark adds a natural charm and is safe for pets.

  1. Substrate in terrariums: Cork oak bark can be used as a substrate in terrariums for animals. It can be a natural and safe substrate for reptiles, amphibians and other animals living in terrariums. Cork bark keeps moisture in and also provides shelter for animals.
  2. Animal Traverses: Cork oak bark can be used as a material for constructing traverses in enclosures for monkeys, lemurs and other wildlife. Its natural texture allows animals to grip and move along traverses naturally.
  3. Another very popular solution is the cultivation of orchids on cork bark. This is an effective method of growing these beautiful plants. Cork bark provides a natural and durable surface for orchid roots to adhere to and allows good airflow and drainage.


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