Cork on Yacht

The natural closed-cell structure of Core Cork provides reduced thermal conductivity and is non-slip. Cork used as a yacht deck covering does not absorb water and does not rot. Core Cork is a wood fiber material with naturally closed cells and does not decompose over time. This leads to huge long-term benefits over competing products that can be susceptible to rotting and decay.

Core Cork has excellent resistance to fungal growth compared to other decking materials. The cork used in yachts is easy to cut with standard cutting tools and saws. It recovers up to 85% of its original thickness in case of a strong impact and 100% in case of most impacts. Core Cork also rarely delaminates on impact. Core Cork bonds with all standard laminating resins: PE, PU, VE, Epoxy, Phenolic.

In addition to its resistance to typical marine environmental influences such as salt water and UV radiation, cork’s durability also comes to the fore compared to other decking materials. Cork also has the unique property that it does not heat up in the sun, so on a warm sunny day you can walk barefoot on the deck without the discomfort of a heated deck.

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