How to install a cork roll on the wall

How to install a cork roll on the wall

Lining the cork on the wall is not difficult. Of course, it’s not complicated if we do it the right way

The necessary materials are a cork roller, spatula or brush and contact or water glue.
Before gluing the cork, each wall should be primed. And dry it; the wall must not be wet.
Using a spatula or a brush, spread the glue on the surface of the roll and the wall to be glued.

The glue should be applied evenly, leaving no empty areas, as it may later become bulges from a loose stopper (which can be removed by gently piercing the bubble and introducing a small amount of glue under the surface with a syringe).

How to install a cork roll on the wall

Both surfaces of the cork and walls should be dry and even. When gluing, be especially careful because the glue dries up very quickly, so high accuracy is required. The roll is best applied to the glued surface by 3 people. 2 people roll out the roll and the 3rd presses the roller evenly with the roller so that it sticks to the wall on its entire surface.

If you do not want to stick the cork directly to the wall so as not to damage it or because it seems easier to you, do it on a board of any other material and then screw it to the wall.

Contact glue is slightly more powerful than water glue and is suitable for various types of walls, even metal ones. On the other hand, it has a strong smell that disappears completely within two days.

If there are children or allergy sufferers in the house and the surface to which we want to stick the cork is an ordinary gypsum or reinforced concrete wall, it is better to use a water glue that binds by evaporation of water.

A popular idea for people who want to combine the insulation, decorative and functional functions of cork is to buy a cork roll and stick a selected pattern of 3mm wall cork tiles on it.

Thanks to this solution, we will not only insulate and decorate the walls of our house, but also gain a cork wall on which we can hang important things to remember or decorate it in any way.

Finally, we present a video presentation that shows you step by step how to install a cork roller at home.

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