Product packaging made of cork

Product packaging made of cork. Innovative cork material is used in packaging design and more. This is how the story of this ideal material for sustainable packaging designs began. Cork materials come mainly from the Mediterranean region. The cork oak, from which the cork is obtained, is native to south-western Europe and north-western Africa and is one of the most common tree species in Portugal.

Portugal produces 61%, then Spain almost 30% and Italy less than 10%. No trees are damaged during cork extraction. When uncorking, the outer layer is removed. After extraction, the cork oak simply produces a new layer of bark. This process can be repeated every 9 years. Just as we collect wool from sheep, the trees will be uncorked and will produce it for 150 years.

What makes cork an amazing natural raw material, ideal for ecological packaging?

Cork has unique properties and textures. It’s a natural plant tissue – like a hive of microscopic cells surrounded by gas and covered with polymer and wax. These elements give it rigidity, impermeability and resilience, making it an excellent choice for sustainable packaging design.

Our current technology has not been able to mimic this in the lab. Just a tiny piece of cork, similar to a sugar cube, contains about 60 million of these air-filled cells, making it a unique material like layers and layers of microscopic bubble wrap.

Cork is a very effective insulating material with excellent shock absorbing properties. Because of this, it has an excellent property of protecting the contents, making it a very suitable packaging material. It is fireproof and does not produce toxic gases. A non-slip surface can be created by simply cutting the surface. Its high flexibility and impermeability is one of cork’s best-known characteristics.

However, cork is not wood as it is dead tissue, it is indifferent to the substance meaning no taste or smell is released. This great hygienic value is appreciated in many creative industries. Using cork for sustainable packaging design can be an ideal solution for many types of products.

Cork is a raw material, 100% reusable, 100% recyclable, 100% natural, eco-friendly option, packaging design idea that stands out on the shelf. The possibilities are endless, and what we don’t often hear about materials, the recycling process never ends. Now it’s time for innovation.

From the original cork to wine bottles, we can now see the cork packaging used Bottle design, food packaging, wine labeling, cosmetic packaging and more. In a world where eco-friendly packaging solutions are increasingly in demand, this versatile material is the perfect option. A packaging made of cork, a purely natural material, also sends a strong message to the target group.

Cork is now being transformed into unique designs ranging from furniture to tableware to lighting products. There are countless uses for cork. Cork material might be an unconventional approach, but it’s 100% eco-friendly. It offers creative freedom to product designers, packaging designers, and innovators in general. You can use this material for food packaging, wine labels or boxes. Despite this, it easily attracts customers’ attention.

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