Cars covered with corks

Car covered with corks

Bottle corks are used in truly unusual areas. One of them, which has been used in at least several places around the world, is the use of cork stoppers for cars covered with corks. The first of the cars we found on the internet is the BMW Isetta. Its American buyer Daune Sanders spent almost a year gluing 1,900 cork stoppers to the surface of his small car.

Car covered with corks 2

Another vehicle of cars covered with corks was noticed in Los Angleles, and its owners also boasted about their new acquisition on the web. The third example that we can come across when looking for information about similar ideas of car owners comes from France. Claude Penin, a retired former cyclist and lover of good wines, combined his two passions through unusual work with cork stoppers.

He has been recycling cork plugs for five years. Initially, his passion was covering bicycles with corks. But when a friend gave him a used Renault, he could not pass up the opportunity and the vehicle ended up completely covered with wine corks. Thanks to his work in the area, he is known as “Papa Bouchon“.

Car covered with corks 2

In Texas, and more precisely in Houston, an American, Jan Elftman, covered her car with wine corks in the 90s. She collected corks during her studies while working as a waitress. The idea for such a decoration was born when she and a friend from Houston went to the Artistic Cars parade (, which took place in the area. She used about 10,000 to cover the car. traffic jams. But as the artist emphasizes – it was not just about making the car more comfortable or safe. Elftman wanted to create a work that people would come into contact with in places where art is not usually communicated.

We have not found a similar example anywhere else. But it may inspire you to create a car that no one will pass by indifferently, of course, using corks from our store:

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