Ways to cutting out a cork

cork cube - circular saw

When laying floorboards or attaching cork as wall cladding, cutting to size is usually unavoidable. Because cork panels have a certain size, just like walls or floors. It may then be that the cork panels have to be trimmed a little on one side so that the surface can be completely covered and no edges are left behind.

Before you begin the cutting process, you will need the right tools. Appropriate cutting accessories should be considered. Which knife or saw you can use here also depends on the thickness of the respective cork sheets.

The following cutting tools are therefore recommended: a carving knife or a sharp wallpaper cutter, which are suitable for thin cork sheets.

Ways to cutting out a cork leaf

For this, however, you have to cut several times, only a light pressure on the knife is important, this gives you a clean cut edge so that the cork board does not break at the edge.

For thicker cork, you can use a jigsaw or thin wooden saw blades. When corking, saw slowly and without pressure

Before doing this, you have to clamp the cork sheet between the two screw clamps and mark the interface with a lath so that the cut edge is accurate.

The hand saw, on the other hand, is suitable for panels of medium thickness. In this case too, you need to clamp the board and saw it slowly.

Ways to cutting out a cork - CNC cork cut

When it comes to more sophisticated cork processes that are more likely to be used to make cork accessories for commercial purposes, two should be mentioned: laser cutting and CNC cutting. The first can be seen in the video below. It is mainly used in the manufacture of cork coasters


On the other hand, CNC cutting is also no less precise, used with a cork of larger dimensions, can be viewed in this video:


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